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 Meet Betsy Schwartz

Doula Betsy Schwartz I became a postpartum doula in 1991, by answering a small ad in a local Boston paper. I started Tenth Month (now Birth in the Know) in 1994 and grew a doula agency in South Florida. By 1996, I was immersed in advocacy for normal birth and was the ratifying vote on the Mother-Friendly Childbirth Initiative written by the Coalition for Improving Maternity Services. You can check out my full curriculum vitae. I do this work because I am passionate about guiding women to their power, while creating a legacy making a difference in this world. In order to fulfill my mission I’m transforming into a minimalist and hitting the road full time with my husband, Steve, and dog, Moses. You can follow my adventures on my personal blog about minimalism and full-time RVing. I’m marketing Down the Canal – the Game of Birth, and sharing the practice of Reiki with birth workers and others I meet along the way. I’d love for you to take courses at BirthElearning, my online classroom. You can purchase Down the Canal on Amazon. If you are interested in collaborating, or selling Down the Canal, contact me.


The mission of Birth in the Know is to inspire doulas, other birth workers, and their clients to challenge and transform fear-based beliefs about childbirth, to produce better outcomes for mothers, babies and families.  We are committed to building relationships with individual doulas, and organizations with the same mission.  We provide education through our courses online, live experiential workshops, and an educational board game, Down the Canal.

Set an appointment with Betsy,to explore your birth options, receive guidance on being a doula, or how you can earn by sharing Down the Canal.


Down the Canal

Check out this revolutionary new tool, to learn and to teach about birthing options in the United States.


Great game for nursing students.

“Love this game! I am a clinical instructor in maternity and use this game to reinforce teaching with my students. The material is well aligned with current teaching in maternity. It invites the students to work together in teams to find solutions. The weaker students learn the material while playing the game. I read the questions while the students play, and it’s fun for all of us.”

It is a great resource for any expectant couple or birth support person.

“I purchased this game to use as a tool with clients and for childbirth education. This game fulfilled my desires and more. It not only encourages learning about evidence based practices, it helps expectant parents make informed decisions. It surpassed my expectations. It is a great resource for any expectant couple or birth support person. I highly recommend!”

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