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Being a Doula is Not Rocket Science

I want to first reveal to you that I am a former postpartum doula trainer. I believe there is value in training and certification.

There is also a fine line between becoming a doula and being a doula. As a trainer, I have had hundreds of women come to my workshops.  Of those, a very small percentage, about 10 % actually move forward and complete doula training and certification. I haven’t found exact numbers on this.

You and I know that life does take on its own agenda, meaning stuff happens that can take us down a different path. We get distracted by circumstances, and we don’t finish what we started.  I have done that many times in my life, so I understand that doula training and certification are a stepping stone for many, a career choice for some, or simply taken for the knowledge and getting the piece of paper for clout.

So what do I really mean by the fine line between becoming and being? Beleifs About Birth

What I mean is that you can train and become certified as a birth doula or postpartum doula or both, and it doesn’t mean you are a doula.  It means that you have taken a training and become certified by standards of the organization you trained and certified with.

You are either a doula at heart or you are not. It is a heart-centered, nurturing-centered calling.  For many, it is a business, and a career.

There is nothing wrong with making a living from your passion. That is actually the secret to a happy life. When your work never feels like work, you never work a day in your life.

On paper you have become a doula. You already were a doula or you weren’t before you took your training. Your heart was calling you to the work. Your passion for making a difference in the lives of mothers, fathers, babies and families could not be stopped.

Continuing education is crucial. It is up to you as a doula to stay current and to learn about what you don’t know. Ask questions, and dig deep.  You are the wisdom bearer.

You are also the light in the darkness, the nurturing guide, and the confidante.  Your presence and essence will be felt by the women and families you are in service to.

Being a doula is not rocket science, and it does require a willingness to learn continually and to serve with an open heart and mind.


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