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Betsy’s Presentations


Listen to Betsy as she shares about what doulas do; especially postpartum doulas. With Jeanne Faulkner of Common Sense Pregnancy podcast. (Episode #62).

Betsy talks about birth options with Adriana Lozada of the Birthful Podcast. So many questions and choices. What is best?

Betsy talks with Nathalie Saenz of Dearest Doula podcast, about how she got started and how she keeps moving forward with business goals.

Betsy talks with Luci McMonagle of the Wealthy Wednesday Show. She shares about how thoughts become things.  This is about feeling empowered.

Live and Online Presentations

Betsy has been on a mission sharing about what happens to the brain on fun!! There is science behind increased retention while engaged in fun. This is what Down the Canal is all about.  These are the the dates and places you can hear Betsy speak about this and share her passion for educating people about birthing options in the United States.


Betsy will be talking directly to the pregnant couples about birth options and the importance of being informed and empowered with knowledge. Everyone will get to play Down the Canal, and a couple of other games.

September 2nd, Orlando, Florida

October 28th, Atlanta, Georgia


Gold Learning Online

This is a live online presentation scheduled for Monday October 23rd at 1pm Eastern time. If you can’t make it, it will be available on the Gold Learning website after the fact.


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