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Listen as I share about what doulas do; especially postpartum doulas.  What comes after birth deserves attention. With Jeanne Faulkner of Common Sense Pregnancy podcast. (Episode #62).

I had a great conversation about birth options with Adriana Lozada of the Birthful Podcast. So many questions and choices. What is best? Listen to hear what we talked about.

 I spoke with Nathalie Saenz of Dearest Doula podcast, about how I got started as a doula, and what supports me  moving forward with my personal and business goals.

I spoke with Luci McMonagle of the Wealthy Wednesday Show. I love sharing about how thoughts become things.  This is about feeling empowered. And, about how Down the Canal is my reminder of manifesting dreams and goals.

Listen to The Postpartum Podcast, Episode 76,  as I share about my two postpartum experiences; my insight, and hindsight!! As a postpartum doula since 1991, I offer some practical advice and much wisdom. I also share about Down the Canal, and Reiki.

Upcoming Presentations

Previous Presentations

MommyCon (2017)

The Fun Factor was presented
September 2nd, Orlando, FL
October 28th, Atlanta, Georgia

Gold Learning Online

This was live online presentation  Monday October 23rd at 1pm Eastern time. It is available for purchase on the Gold Learning website. 

I presented the Fun Factor at the Mom conference  Feb. 16 and 17 2018 in St. Petersburg, Florida. Check out the Museum. It’s amazing.

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