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Birth Info For Parents

It can be overwhelming as an expectant parent to learn about childbirth. There are so many birth options available. What is most important is working through any fears you might have, and trusting yourself. A woman’s body knows exactly what to do.

It is the mind or the thinking brain that gets in the way. I encourage you to face whatever fears you might have. Learn about all your birth options before choosing.

Because I believe learning about birth should be fun, I created Down the Canal to engage you in learning about the stark differences in two models of maternity care.  Once you have learned about this (hopefully early on), it’s time to let it go and trust!!

I believe birth can be pleasurable, which is why I love the Pain to Power Childbirth course. Knowledge is power.  This course is a way to tap into that power.

For many women, the birth option for VBAC has all but been eliminated. Vaginal birth after cesarean is absolutely possible and safe for many. If you have experienced a cesarean-section for a previous birth, consider all of your birth options.

Once a cesarean, always a cesarean is not the birth option that is necessarily evidence-based.  Check out the free VBAC course!! You’ve got nothing to lose.


Nicette Jukelevics has created this information on vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC), and has made it available for free.  There is a wealth of information. If you are considering a VBAC or know someone who is, inform yourself. Sign-up for the course here.

This Pain to Power Online Childbirth course is unlike any other you will find. Debra Pascali-Bonaro is a long time doula friend and colleague, and is the creator of Orgasmic Birth.  Take back your power and find pleasure in birth.

I am an affiliate, so I will earn a small commission when you link from here. I only do this because I wholeheartedly believe in Debra’s work.

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