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Birth e-learning

Welcome to Our e-Learning!

We have our courses at Teachable now. It is a user-friendly platform you will love. Check back often for additional classes. Click here to set-up an account and register for classes

Some of the courses are approved for  CEUs by International Childbirth Education Association. Lamaze and DONA usually recognize these CEUs. Check with them first to be sure.

Learn on your own time, in your own way, in your own space, at your own pace!! Earn the CEUs you need for recertification and for continued professional development.

Student Testimonials

I liked that the course offers a mix of modalities to learn from. The content not only educated me as the objectives stated, but now I feel I have valuable info and resources that I can then apply to my own work with clients.” Taylor

The videos were an effective way to create interest and pass on valuable information. I really appreciated the list of resources.” Phyllis

The Classes

How Starting the Doula Journey on the Inside is the Only Way to Success

This course is for new and seasoned doulas willing to ask the hard questions. What is your vision for yourself and your business? What is stopping you? Are you willing to look within for the answers? Guided meditation and creative projects included.

How Birth Affects What Comes Next

This course explores childbirth in the United States, and how it has an affect on the parenting experience that follows. Through reading, viewing, writing and doing class participants will gain an understanding on the impact of the childbirth experience on the mother, father, baby and family.

Biology of Infant Sleep

This course is designed for you the learner to understand infant sleep, particularly how it is different than adult sleep. As a birth professional it is important you know the myths and realities of how infants behave. This course is a valuable resource for your toolbox of information.

Postpartum Journey Course

This four month journey is focused on the support, and protection of the mother/baby dyad. First you will take  a journey within, exploring your vision for the work you will do or are doing with mothers, babies, and families. The primary focus of the course is on the Fourth Trimester – the forgotten phase of birth.

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