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Top Ten Lies You’ve Been Sold About Childbirth

Here are the top ten lies you’ve been sold about childbirth. 1) Pregnancy is an illness. Most women (in the U.S.) give birth in the hospital. Hospitals are for sick people. People with disease and illness, emergencies, and for tests, and procedures.  Because this is what hospitals were designed for, pregnant women will be treated […]

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Five Myths About Homebirth

Are you considering a homebirth?   Have you heard any of these? Homebirth is dangerous You are putting your baby in harms’ way Giving birth at home is illegal You have to take the baby to the hospital right after birth More babies die at homebirths than in the hospital Or your friends and family might […]

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Five Likelihoods of the Fourth Trimester of Birth

The fourth trimester of birth deserves attention. There is much attention paid to the first three trimesters of pregnancy, but the one that follows the birth is somehow forgotten.  The childbearing year includes the first three months after birth. Education and preparation for this time is necessary too. Let’s look at what’s happening. This is […]

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Childbirth Preparation: Is There one Best Method?

Preparing for childbirth could be compared to preparing for a race of some kind; training the body and mind to endure, and increasing stamina through exercises; both mental and physical.  Being open for coaching, and being willing to try certain techniques that will give you power and strength when you could feel like quitting. And […]

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