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Maternity Care in the U.S.: Be Part of the Change

If you’ve been reading any of my blog posts, you know how passionate I am about changing the maternity care system, particularly in my home country, the United States.  I have dedicated most of my adult life to supporting, promoting, and protecting the MotherBaby couple, the sacredness of birth, and bonding between mothers, babies and […]

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The Birth of a Mother and a Doula

It was 28 years ago, December 27th 1989, when my son Matthew was born into this world, at Newton-Wellesley hospital in Massachusetts.  I entered the hood; motherhood. My life would never be the same.  Giving birth and becoming a mother are both life-changing transformational events that get to be honored. The memory of that day […]

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Childbirth Classes: Online or in Person?

The buzz among birth educators is that attendance at childbirth classes is low. Why is this? Do people really need childbirth classes? Is it better to take childbirth classes online or in person? One thing to consider is your learning style.  It takes discipline and rigor to complete online courses, depending on the content, and […]

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Top Ten Lies You’ve Been Sold About Childbirth

Here are the top ten lies you’ve been sold about childbirth. 1) Pregnancy is an illness. Most women (in the U.S.) give birth in the hospital. Hospitals are for sick people. People with disease and illness, emergencies, and for tests, and procedures.  Because this is what hospitals were designed for, pregnant women will be treated […]

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