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Cesarean-Section: Medical Necessity or Fear-Based Choice?

I read something online, where a woman said she was choosing a cesarean section for no other reason than all the horrible things she had heard about vaginal birth.  This tells us a lot about what women are feeling about childbirth.  It is also very sad. This is fear based decision-making. I am not judging […]

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Motherhood, Mothering and Mother Work

I attended the annual Mom Conference at the USF St. Petersburg campus. The conference was put on by the Museum of Motherhood. I know, right.. there is a Museum of Motherhood!! The conference was more like an intimate symposium. I had the pleasure and honor of meeting some amazing women from the world of academia, […]

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Maternity Care in the U.S.: Be Part of the Change

If you’ve been reading any of my blog posts, you know how passionate I am about changing the maternity care system, particularly in my home country, the United States.  I have dedicated most of my adult life to supporting, promoting, and protecting the MotherBaby couple, the sacredness of birth, and bonding between mothers, babies and […]

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