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Cesarean-Section: Medical Necessity or Fear-Based Choice?

I read something online, where a woman said she was choosing a cesarean section for no other reason than all the horrible things she had heard about vaginal birth.  This tells us a lot about what women are feeling about childbirth.  It is also very sad. This is fear based decision-making. I am not judging […]

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Childbirth Classes: Online or in Person?

The buzz among birth educators is that attendance at childbirth classes is low. Why is this? Do people really need childbirth classes? Is it better to take childbirth classes online or in person? One thing to consider is your learning style.  It takes discipline and rigor to complete online courses, depending on the content, and […]

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Top Ten Lies You’ve Been Sold About Childbirth

Here are the top ten lies you’ve been sold about childbirth. 1) Pregnancy is an illness. Most women (in the U.S.) give birth in the hospital. Hospitals are for sick people. People with disease and illness, emergencies, and for tests, and procedures.  Because this is what hospitals were designed for, pregnant women will be treated […]

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Childbirth Preparation: Is There one Best Method?

Preparing for childbirth could be compared to preparing for a race of some kind; training the body and mind to endure, and increasing stamina through exercises; both mental and physical.  Being open for coaching, and being willing to try certain techniques that will give you power and strength when you could feel like quitting. And […]

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It’s World Breastfeeding Week

Breastfeeding has so many different meanings. I learned this yesterday at a great talk given by Jessie Gordon of the Florida Breastfeeding Coalition. According to La Leche League there is exclusive breastfeeding, full breastfeeding, full breast milk feeding,  and token. And there is more.  Wikipedia and the medical definitions are both different. Wow!! Who knew […]

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