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Down the Canal

Birth Story

I became pregnant with the idea of a game around January 2013.
There is no way I can give you an exact date, as I can’t remember the exact date of conception. I kept thinking wouldn’t it be awesome to have all the basic information about birth in one place, instead of having to surf the web, read books, and watch all the birth videos.

The game idea grew and developed on paper. I sketched, wrote questions, played the game with whoever would play, rewrote, revised, and redesigned. With some help from family, a name was decided upon. I hired an artist and finalized the game board. Questions were reviewed for research and accuracy and for grammar.

It was a two year process, longer than most pregnancies. Labor was tedious at times, and fun and easy at others. It has been truly a labor of love, with input from family, friends, doulas, and childbirth educators.

Down the Canal is proudly manufactured right here in the United States

Who is the Game for?

Pregnant moms and dads, childbirth educators, health educators, high school classes, doulas, nursing students, and anyone interested in birth can play this game. The idea is to walk away from it wanting to know more. I want people to question what they discover through playing.

The Fun Factor is online!!  Earn CEUs while you learn at home. Your cost includes Down the Canal – the Game of Birth. Register here.
Hand and dice



It is a great resource for any expectant couple or birth support person. “I purchased this game to use as a tool with clients and for childbirth education. This game fulfilled my desires and more. It not only encourages learning about evidence based practices, it helps expectant parents make informed decisions. It surpassed my expectations. It is a great resource for any expectant couple or birth support person. I highly recommend!”

A perfect gift for the baby shower. “Different, unique and most informative. How could anyone not enjoy receiving this game?”

Great game for nursing students. “Love this game! I am a clinical instructor in maternity and use this game to reinforce teaching with my students. The material is well aligned with current teaching in maternity. It invites the students to work together in teams to find solutions. The weaker students learn the material while playing the game. I read the questions while the students play, and it’s fun for all of us.”

Education with fun thrown in. “Fun educational game. I learned a lot without realizing. Would recommend this game for any pregnant women or for any baby shower. Learning with fun, what could be better?”

What a fun way to learn more about birth and post partum! “As a birth doula, I can see using this game to help my clients become more confident with birth choices. It can spark dialog on topics that they may never have thought about. Very unique!!!”

Candyland meets Trivial Pursuit. “The fun Candyland meets Trivial Pursuit game brings everything from labor and delivery to learning about doulas forward and makes you excited about learning.”

Who Benefits from Down the Canal?

Birth Professionals

Doulas Chances are you spend a lot of time with clients answering the myriad of questions they have. With Down the Canal you can save a lot of time. Allow your clients to play the game a few times to see what comes up for them. You can then focus on what their questions and concerns are in a follow-up appointment.  Play the game with them at one of your prenatal visits.

Childbirth Educators Perhaps you are looking for a way to reenergize your classes, to create more fun with your teaching. Down the Canal is the answer. This game can be utilized as an ice breaker, as a before and after assessment, and for an overall fun factor.  As your students are learning about options in birth, all can enjoy some fun filled, thought-provoking questions, and some healthy competition.

Doula trainers What a great way to introduce the subject of labor and birth, birthing options, and more. Your trainees will love playing this game during your training course.  It gives them a chance to see what they already know, and where you get to fill in the gaps.  Great discussions will be created as your trainees learn from each other and about what the evidence says.

Childbirth Education Certification courses Down the Canal is a great way to test your students’ knowledge of the subject areas covered in your course. The question cards can be utilized to prepare for the certification exam.


There is so much to learn about birthing options, and so many websites to visit, books to read, videos to watch, and classes to take. It can be overwhelming and confusing. It seems like the more you read, and research the more you can become fearful, and anxious.

Down the Canal is designed for you to have some fun while learning about your options. This game can be played with your spouse, partner, other pregnant Moms, Dads, friends, siblings.  And, because there are over 240 questions, you can play this game many times to test your knowledge, and to reinforce information.

Try this game at your baby shower to test yourself and your guests’ knowledge. You can offer a prize to the winner. A little healthy competition amongst friends is okay.

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