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I love this game. How can I help spread the word?

Like us on Facebook. Share the website. Purchase a game. Sign up for our newsletter for future programs.  You can become an Amazon Affiliate or a purchase games wholesale. Check out these opportunities.

How long does it take to play this game?

The average time is about 30-45 minutes, depending on the number of players. Because it creates a lot of discussion it could take longer. If you don’t play to the end, you can always play again and again. There is always more to learn.

Is this game appropriate for teens?

Yes, absolutely. It doesn’t even have to be for pregnant teens. It is a tool for learning about pregnancy, the birth process and early parenting.

Could I purchase this game as a baby shower gift?

Yes you could. Although, by the baby shower most women have their birth visions decided, there is always something to learn. There are a lot of questions about breastfeeding and newborns. Try playing at the baby shower, to test guests knowledge.

Is this game good for the guys?

Of course. Especially those with a competitive nature. They will be all about winning, but at the same time they will be learning about birth. Some freak out with the birth videos!!

If my time is limited is there a quicker version?

You can create this. USE YOUR IMAGINATION. Perhaps you can eliminate the first section and start further down on the path.

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