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So You Want to Be a Doula?

I get asked this question all the time: “What should I do first to become a doula?”  The answer I give is usually in the form of a question something like: “What part of being a doula excites you and ignites the passion in you to serve mothers, babies and families?”

This is important to know because doulas can serve during pregnancy, labor and birth, and in the immediate weeks following the birth. Each aspect of service is different. It’s about figuring out what this mother and family requires of you to allow the process of integrating the newborn into the family to be as effortless as possible.

Being a doula is so much about outward focus, and selfless service to others.  Once you’ve determined what you’re most passionate about regarding the childbearing year, you can then begin researching and reading about doulas. Investigate the various organizations that train and certify, read blogs, and find some groups on Facebook.

The Doula Services Network is a great place to find the various certifying organizations.  So you know, many people take trainings with no intention of becoming certified. The knowledge and enrichment is what they are after. Read some of the blogs at Doulaing the Doula for some insight on the reasons people attend doula training.

Some of the Facebook Groups you might like to join are:

Birth: Mission Transformation

Birth Workers and Beyond

The Aspiring Doula

Doulas for Doulas


Lastly, reach out to doulas in your community. Connect and join a birth network, or a doula group. Find your tribe, and thrive!! You are the one that knows what you want. Go for it!!

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