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The March for Moms:Doulas, Advocacy and Change

The March for Moms wasn’t a march. It was a peaceful gathering of people (doulas, doctors, Moms, midwives, Dads, advocates) who care deeply about how the broken maternity care system in the USA affects women and families.  According to the CDC there are 700 pregnancy related deaths per year,  many of them preventable. I was […]

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Cesarean-Section: Medical Necessity or Fear-Based Choice?

I read something online, where a woman said she was choosing a cesarean section for no other reason than all the horrible things she had heard about vaginal birth.  This tells us a lot about what women are feeling about childbirth.  It is also very sad. This is fear based decision-making. I am not judging […]

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Motherhood, Mothering and Mother Work

I attended the annual Mom Conference at the USF St. Petersburg campus. The conference was put on by the Museum of Motherhood. I know, right.. there is a Museum of Motherhood!! The conference was more like an intimate symposium. I had the pleasure and honor of meeting some amazing women from the world of academia, […]

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