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Do Doulas Need a lot of Stuff?

Doulas usually have some training, and are familiar with the birth process. In the original studies that were done, Marshall Klaus and John Kennell were actually studying how having a kind woman at the birth effected breastfeeding and mother-infant bonding. What they discovered was so much more;  that the presence of such a kind and […]

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The Birth of a Mother and a Doula

It was 28 years ago, December 27th 1989, when my son Matthew was born into this world, at Newton-Wellesley hospital in Massachusetts.  I entered the hood; motherhood. My life would never be the same.  Giving birth and becoming a mother are both life-changing transformational events that get to be honored. The memory of that day […]

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Feeding Baby: Benefits of Breastfeeding and the Risks of Formula Feeding

Feeding Baby: Benefits of Breastfeeding and the Risks of Formula Feeding There is breastmilk and there is formula. These are the two substances to choose from when feeding a baby.  There are some very distinct differences between the two.  In fact, there really is no comparison. Breastmilk has the perfect composition for your baby to […]

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Did You Know That Midwifery is Illegal in Some U.S. States?

Yes. In the year 2017 there are still some states where it is not legal to practice as a homebirth midwife.  The credential of Certified Professional Midwife is not recognized.  Not only does this not make any sense, it limits options for many women. When we talk about choices for birth it all depends on […]

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Creating the Questions for Down the Canal – The Game of Birth

It took me one summer to write all the questions, as I did research along the way. It’s fun to think back about this process and how I was so focused and inspired to create these questions. I remember thinking about how I was going to consolidate my 25 years of experience and knowledge into […]

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