If you are pregnant, I am sure you have been doing some investigating about what is happening to your body, the growth of your baby in utero, what the best food is to eat, and how you can have the best pregnancy, and birth.

There is such thing as information overload, especially in today’s world where we all have instant access to answers to our questions. While this isn’t always a bad thing, it may not be a good thing either.

I talk to other doulas, and I lend support in some pregnancy groups online. There is an overall theme of disconnect. Everyone is searching for answers outside of themselves. Pregnancy is the time of transformation. There are fears and worries, concerns, and lots of advice to sort through.

Now, I have to tell you that I am a proponent of education. I firmly believe that pregnancy tips must include learning about birth options. I created a pregnancy board game for that very reason!! All of that learning and searching for answers is about facts, and possibilities. 

At some point in the process, preferably from the start of pregnancy, I believe there are three key questions to ask yourself.

  1. What do I believe about birth?
  2. ​Where do those beliefs come from?
  3. What do I want for my birth?

These are hard questions.
The questions that require you to dig deep within.
These are the questions that will keep you up at night.
The questions that only you can answer.
These are the questions that will guide you.

What you choose to believe about birth (yes, it is a choice), will drive every other choice you make.

Do you believe birth is normal, intuitive, a rite of passage? Do you believe the hospital is the safest place to give birth? Do you believe in your power? Do you believe drugs in labor are what you need to cope with? Do you believe hiring a doula is what you need? Do you believe you require a lot of tests and interventions? Do you believe you can give birth alone?

I could add many more questions to the mix. My point is that information is coming at you, and I want you to know that doing the inner work is what will guide you to what is right for you, your baby, and your birth.

Moreover, I am considered an “expert” in the maternal-child health field. And, I am not an expert on you!! I have much wisdom and information to share. You have the knowledge you need in your heart to give birth.

While you are learning about your pregnancy, and upcoming birth, and all about newborn behavior, go within to explore. You will be surprised at what you discover. You will also be able to use this practice of self-exploration when other life challenges arise.

As you you raise your tiny human, you are also raising yourself, as a mother. It is a journey like no other. Know yourself, and be kind to yourself. 

Remember, as you learn more pregnancy tips, to choose beliefs that will serve you.

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